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Pet Visits & Cat Boarding, Custom Pet Beds and House Cleaning
sitter vs boarding
Cat Visits

-less stressful on your cat

-more economical for in-town Simcoe customers

-2-in-1 service, comfort in knowing your pets and home are safe

Cat Boarding

-24 hr care and companionship

-more economical for out-of-town Simcoe customers

-cat only environment

-for those not comfortable with in-home visits

cat on head
Pet Visits-Cat, Dog and Small Animal

I will visit your pet(s) in your home, short or long-term, however many times per day, while you are away.  I will refresh water and food, scoop and sweep around cat box, play, let outside into yard (dogs only) and generally make sure they are safe and healthy. Also included is newspaper and door package pickup.  Prices start at $14 up to $25 per visit, depending on location and number of pets.  Holidays add $5 per visit.

Rate Map

rate map

Cat Boarding
I provide cat boarding in my home with large 3 tier cages.  They are cleaned and disinfected.  Every cat receives 24 hr care, daily out-of-cage play time, accessible food, water & litterbox, window view and oral meds if needed. .  You only need to bring your cats food and an item that smells like home. (toy/blanket) 

Prices are $18/day - 1 cat/1 cage, $30/day - 2 cats/1 cage, extended stays will get a discount. 

Extra, Small House Tasks

While I visit your pet I can also pickup mail, water plants, open/close curtains, turn lights on/off, etc.

$5+ per visit

House Cleaning

While I visit your pet why not have your home cleaned as well!  Or any time.  I am a detail oriented person and love seeing the end result after cleaning.  I will clean main areas of the home such as kitchen, living room or entryway. We will meet to discuss what I offer and exactly what you expect.

Availability: Monday-Friday 9am-12noon

$20 per hour

Custom Pet Beds with sides

These beds are made with sides to envelop your cat in comfort that they like.  You choose your colours and size, and I do the rest.  $20 and up.

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